MyTools: auto click PTC sites

MyTools: auto click PTC sites
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MyTools is a free tool which help us to click ads of PTC sites automatically.


  • Auto login to sites
  • Skip captcha. You haven’t to input captcha
  • Auto click advertisements
  • Support Buxhost, Gen4, Evolution, Incentive, nTeN script. . .


List sites which MyTools supports: MyTools supported sites list

Here some simple steps to use MyTools:

MyTools7 guide 04

1. MyTools7 user interface

MyTools7 guide 05

2. Click Create button to create new instance. Choose Assembly and Class name in the dialog.

MyTools7 guide 06

3. Config instance: input sitename, URL, your username and password. If the site has click grid job, choose Yes in position 5. Then click Save

MyTools7 guide

4. Important: Config CheatWord: many sites have auto cheat protection system. You must enter the cheat text (appear on the cheat ads) to prevent suspend your account. Then click Save

MyTools7 guide 08

5. Start auto click: choose an instance and click Start to auto click ads.

MyTools7 guide 09

6. Auto clicking. MyTools7 will display current account balance, minimum payout and status for you.

Popular problems when using MyTools: see details and how to resolved here.

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Video guide here:

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